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Polar Independent Renewables – POLARIS”

Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS

Project “Polar Renewables: Independent Energy Supply – POLARIS” was started on November 27th 2012 in the framework of Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme 2007-2013

Project Overall Objective:

The Project aims to support cross-border cooperation of the participating Russian and Finnish neighbouring regions in wider use of renewable energy sources thus contributing to increase of their environmental and economic sustainability and accessibility as well as to reduction of their periphery and economic dependency on more developed regions.

Project budget

3.072.989, 00 EUR, including 921.896 EUR – project partners own co-financing

Project implementation period 27.11.2012-27.12.2014

Project Partners:

  • Autonomous non-commercial organization Nenets Energy Efficiency and Cleaner Production Center (Russia);
  • North-Western United Power Generating Company, Narjan-Mar Branch (Russia);
  • FCG Finnish Consulting Group Oy  (Finland);
  • Municipal Unitary Enterprise Amdermaservice, Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia);

Associate Partner:

  • Construction, Housing and Communal Services Department, Nenetz Autonomous Okrug (Russia);
  • Municipal District Zapoliarny Rayon, Nenets Autonomous Okrug (Russia)

Project target groups:

  • Pilot municipality with local power generating and service companies of NAO;
  • Renewable energy experts in Russia and in Finland, local and international producers of the know-how and technologies related to the wind energy;
  • Local authorities (energy and communal services departments) and related specialists from the selected pilot municipality as well as the ones from the Okrug Government;