North-West Funding Service Centre

About company

Association North – West Funding Service Centre (formerly Not-for-profit Partnership North-West Funding Service Centre) is an NGO located in St. Petersburg, Russia. FSC has a 5 years experience of providing a wide range of consulting and training services both for the public sector, incl. NGOs, and for private businesses (SMEs).

The FSC has extensive experience in consultancy and training activities. The main target groups include NGOs and public sector from North-West region of Russia.

Since 2005 we gained a very considerable experience of working with leading Russian and international research organizations and institutions, experts, companies, nonprofit organizations and funds.

The employees FSC have considerable work experience as experts/coordinators/international projects administrators and experience in projects evaluation within different international programs.

The FSC participated in a number of international projects of different scale in environmental and energy efficiency field. Its services are based on a wide network of experienced consultants with a substantial international practice. The FSC’s major experts have over 10 years experience in the field of Energy Saving and Energy Efficiency. They possess good knowledge of approaches, technologies and policies in environmental, resource efficiency and energy saving fields in Russia and Europe. The FSC’s experts participated in more than 30 projects on energy saving in cooperation with different European partners.

One of the main tasks of the FSC is to work with international funding sources/ donor projects (EU, Nordic Funds, UNDP, etc.) to supply financial support for the local, regional and interregional initiatives in Northwest Russia.